Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks To Those Who Help Others

Today's altered book post will be postponed to give thanks to those who give to others.  I am so fortunate to have art buds that help others.  They think they fly under the radar.  They should know that their acts of kindness do not go unnoticed!  I see what you do and my heart swells that you don't look for recognition, though you deserve it.  You give time, money and "stuff" but most importantly, you give your heart.  I am so thankful you guys are in my life.  You give me inspiration and goals!  That's just my awesome friends but there are others.  Think about it.....people who give up their Thanksgiving day to feed those less fortunate. People who take clothes out of their closet to give to those who do not have the means to buy their own. The list goes on and on, especially during the holidays.  Buy why wait until the holidays to give.  Open the door for someone.  Take a sandwich or fruit (and a bottle of water) to the homeless man who you see sits on the bench on that busy street every day.  Smile at a stranger in a store.  Give thanks that you can share kindness! Thank you for giving to others.

"A grateful heart gets the day going in a great trajectory.  One does not have to wait until "conditions" are good to have a thankful spirit."

Cathy G
Art bud

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  1. Well said my friend!! Cathy too!!!! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!